Candy Eaton

World Percussionist 

About Me

Candy Eaton is a Southern California-based world percussionist, percussion ensemble leader, drum circle facilitator, and educator, with an established reputation of bringing authentic drumming traditions to life.  

Candy serves as musical director and lead drummer for Seraphim Arabesque Ensemble, Southern California’s premier belly dance troup, with featured annual performances at the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire. She is also the founder/musical director of The Rhythm Sisters, an all-women's world percussion group dedicated to the ancient traditions of frame drumming, Middle Eastern, and West African ensembles. The Rhythm Sisters have performed extensively around Southern California for spiritual events, weddings, and celebration of life ceremonies, and have been featured at the Irvine Global Village, Fullerton Day of Music, and Los Angeles Pagan Pride. 

Candy’s background as a drum circle facilitator has provided cohesive, communal musical experiences for thousands of Southern California drummers, from novice and beyond. These include performances at spiritual events, retirement communities, and local festivals. Additionally, Candy has a large roster of private students, teaching both in-person and using Skype, primarily on frame drum, darbuka and djembe. However, her extensive list of percussion instruments also includes daf, bendir, buffalo drum, riq, zills, djun djuns, agogo bell, Nigerian bell, talking drum, shekre, caxixi, tambourine, castanets, congas, cajon, udu, and triangle.

She has worked with world reknown artists, including Emad Gabra, Larry Salzman, and international belly dancers Dolphina, Marguerite Kushuhara, and Akasha Starr performing at red carpet events, cultural events, Rakkas, Soroptimist International, the Getty Museum, and has been featured on the KTLA morning news. As a former student of the late Layne Redmond, Candy continues the mission and message of empowering women drummers from all walks of life. This is the most important focus of her drumming life, an on-going effort to share ancient history, lessons and philosophy, and in doing so, passing on the drumming torch to the next generation of players.  

Upcoming Classes and Events

"Drumming From Around The World" - A 10 Week series every Friday starting September 29th 7:30pm to 9:00pm  at Creative Arts Group in Sierra Madre, CA.  For more information click Sign Up Here.  See You Then!

The Dragon and The Rose

Drum Circle - 3rd Saturdays 8:00pm to 10:00pm.  $10 per person.  Drums and percussion provided or bring your own.

The Living Sanctuary

Ongoing women's-only class Mondays at 2pm.  355 Canadas Sombre, La Habra Heights, CA.  Cost is $15

Nottingham Festival

Weekend performances with Seraphim Arabesque at The Nottingham Festival in Simi Valley, CA.  11/4, 11/5, 11/11, and 11/12

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Odd Time Noodling


Performance Rakkas 2015


Frame Drumming in 7/8


Circle of Lovers - Rumi Poetry Reading (Playing Daf)


Dragon and the Rose Drum Circle


Seraphim Arabesque at Renaissance Pleasure Faire


Baladi Lesson


Renaissance Pleasure Faire - Moroccan